“When you play sports you live in that moment. That’s why it feels good.”

I’m sure you heard it one of secrets to happiness is to live in the moment. To be fully present. I agree. It’s not easy but when you do things with higher focus you do it better. And you make yourself proud from doing the best you can.

Playing sports makes that. You forget all problems and think only about the game. On the now. You have to be the most aware possible to play better. The body must be highly connected to the mind. Every movement counts.

It’s like meditation, you can’t let your mind drift. When you make a bad play, don’t let it own you. Accept it and re-focus on the new now. 

I believe that is one more reason that makes sports so important on every ones lives. Not being sedentary is very good, not only to your physical and mental health but also to your spiritual health.

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